Holistic food experiences design

& consultancy

Unlock the boundaries of your senses

starting from your tongue

Food is a powerful tool to reach our most inner fractions. 

By eating we open ourselves to welcome the outside world of experiences.

Food is survival, it's connections, it's art and culture.

Get yourself ready to eat the world


I am a food experience designer, a gastronome and food scientist with an holistic and creative mindset.

I embrace different food cultures and deal with a broad range of food producers from small-scale farmers to indigenous communities. 

I work with artists and musicians in order to offer you extraordinary sensory experiences.


Sustainability, health, mindfulness, a great taste and a fair price all along the food chain: these are my core values and I take them into account in all the experiences I create.

Eating is a political choice towards the environment and towards ourselves: we need to be conscious of what we take to our mouth.

The ingredients I work with are mainly plant-based, local and seasonal. I explore recipes and techniques from modern and indigenous food cultures and take inspiration from holistic diets, such as Macrobiotic and Ayurveda.

I translate these foods into new concepts, events and meal plans combining them with the right amount of art.